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Friday, April 29, 2011

sedih hati

hubby da pegi korea sejak hari selasa lepas..
but by today..no words from him
last info i got only from his fb wall saying 
huh?that's all??no i miss u darl..i am safely arrived :(

sedihnyeee...nape abg xkontek lsg nii??
risau sgt..pg td hannah nangis dkt sejam sbb sakit perot..
ibu pon cm na nangis jgk sbb sakit bdn dukung hannah bwk jln2 satu umah
rindu kt abg : |
Hope to see u soon...

* semoga abang sehat, dan selamat perjalanan pulang..xsaba nk tunggu esok to hear your voice. sok blk sabak bernam plak..by the time abg arrive (supposedly arrive at 4.30 pm) I will not be at home.. ri ahad blk dr sabak bernam br dpt jupe abang..i really hope everything is ok over there. Missing u a lots!! Hannah pon miss abg..iskk seb bek xdemam cm ritu : |

p/s: kadang2 sy benci SPRM sbb menyebabkan hubby saya kene keje teruk :(
err kene tangkap x kalau ckp cmni? :-s

Thursday, April 28, 2011

How to Raise a Happy Child

Every parent wants his or her children to grow up loving life. But we don’t always know how to encourage this. Here are a few tips to help you guide your child to a joyful life.

Teach gratitude
Help your child appreciate the everyday wonders of life by stopping what you are doing and expressing thanks for the moment. Whether it is the chance to play ball in the park together, watch a beautiful sunset, or pick fresh strawberries, express gratitude and your child will follow your example. Doctors say that when parents show gratitude, their children grow up more enthusiastic, joyful, interested, and engaged in the world around them.

Listen to your child
If your child comes home from preschool ranting about how much she hates another child, don’t immediately criticize her or tell her not to speak negatively. That will only make her repress her unhappy feelings and bottle them inside. Instead, hear her out and acknowledge her emotions. For example, you could say, “Wow, it sounds like he did something that hurt your feelings.” When kids feel that their parents understand them, they are happier.

Create routines
Daily rituals and routines are some of the most basic ways to instill a sense of security and pleasure, says Martha B. Straus, Ph.D., author of Adolescent Girls in Crisis. A review of 50 years of research on family routines in the Journal of Family Psychology found that rituals like family meals and bath and bedtime routines help children feel secure, strengthen family ties, and lead to greater productivity. They may even help improve kids’ health by maintaining good habits, such as brushing teeth, exercising, and washing hands.

Encourage physical activity
Running around doesn’t just keep your child healthy and fit, it also encourages the release of endorphins that trigger happy feelings. You will also be helping your child establish life-long healthy habits.

Help your child handle frustration
When your child complains that he can’t do something, like finishing a puzzle or tying his shoes, don’t try to convince him that he can. Rather, show patience and say, “That’s okay. There’s no rush. When you want to try again, let me know.” The child is then likely to come back to the task, a few minutes or a few days later.

Allow unstructured, unhurried time
If your toddler has ballet class at 10 a.m., music at 2 p.m., and a playdate at 4 p.m., she is hyper-scheduled. Young children don’t need as many structured activities as we think they do. Allow your child to play by herself and at her own pace. Play doesn’t mean classes, organized sports, and other “enriching” activities. Play is when children invent, create, and daydream. Give them the time to do that.

Don’t overindulge
Over-indulged children who are inundated with new toys or shielded from emotional discomfort are more likely to grow into teenagers who are bored, cynical, and joyless. It’s more important to help children develop inner resources to entertain themselves.

Follow your child’s interests
Happy people are often those who have mastered a skill. For example, when your toddler practices throwing a ball to you, she learns from her mistakes, she learns persistence and discipline, and she experiences the joy of succeeding due to her own efforts. She also experiences the joy of recognition for this accomplishment. Most importantly, she discovers she has some control over her life. This feeling of control through mastery is an important factor in determining adult happiness. Make sure that your child is practicing something they truly enjoy or they won’t be as happy about their successes.

Allow your child to be sad or mad
When your child sulks during a birthday party, it’s tempting to encourage him to rejoin the fun. But it’s important that you allow him to experience his unhappiness. Children need to know that it’s okay to be upset sometimes. It’s part of life. If we try to squelch any unhappiness, we may be sending the message that it’s wrong to feel sad. Encourage your child to label his feelings and express them verbally.

Teach your child to do meaningful things
As your toddler gets older, teach her how satisfying it can be to help others. Research shows that people who have meaning in their lives feel less depressed. Working for a charity and helping others can help make life more meaningful. Even young children can benefit from this lesson. For example, children could help collect school supplies for children who lost their homes in a natural disaster. Even helping out with simple household chores, such as putting dirty clothes in the hamper, can help your toddler feel that she is making a contribution.

Be a role model
Your child models your behavior, and he can tell when you are unhappy. Make an effort to be genuinely positive around your child.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Spring Flower Festivals Signal the Change of Seasons
Spring announces its arrival in Korea with a blanket of yellow and white blossoms spreading throughout the country. Cherry blossoms, apricot flowers, and cornus fruit trees bloom from the beginning of March when the air is still chilly. From mid-March the warm season sees a host of festivals take place in Korea where visitors can stroll amidst the glorious blossoming flowers and see the country at its best. (source: visitkorea)

SPRING n KOREA...bestnyeeeeeee




 Kimchi is a fermented food. Typically, Chinese cabbage or white radish is salted and mixed with red chili peppers, garlic, ginger, salted fish, and other ingredients. Originating from fermented and salted vegetables that were prepared during the winter, kimchi played a crucial role in the Korean diet in a time when vegetables were not readily available. 
(pelik xkalau nk try rase bende ni??)

Fashion Items


The reason that there are so many optical stores in Namdaemun is that they deal with both wholesale and retail business. This, in turn, makes it possible for shops to offer a large selection of products at reasonable prices. In fact, eyeglasses purchased in the Namdaemun area are approximately 30% cheaper than those sold in other areas. 
(cambes tp cm xde duit extra haha)

Traditional Items


The beauty of hanbok can be witnessed in historical dramas and films portraying ancient Korea.  
(kuat tepengaruh dgn drama korea..tp hubby xapprove utk beli ni)



There are many reasons for the popularity of the Korean Wave. Korean soap operas are considered the embodiment of the filial piety, innocent love, and the virtue of humility, while Korean music is believed to be among the most sophisticated music being created in Asia today. 
(nak kasut tu je sbnrnye)

& last but not least ...


mari kite lihat ape yg dapat...
tp lg 2minggu kot br taw...iskk harap2 xkecewa :p

p/s: entry ini adalah sempena saya jeles hubby akan ke korea next week...nak ikotttttt! :(

Friday, April 15, 2011

Amalan Harian ibu

haritu...masa hannah takmo minum susu dgn botol..jenuh la saya nangis2 kt uma pk cne nk wat ni..tepon sn sini nangis kerisauan..pastu, mak sy bg no fon seorang sister kt hospital putrajaya..lps die bg ceramah bagai, die aja saya supaya amalkan ayat2 ni utk lembutkan hati anak..xtaw nk kate mujarab or tidak.tp ape salahnye amalkan kann??ayat quran..bukan ape ponn
masa nak tidokan bb/cm sy mse breastfeed hannah yg tgh mamai baca:

1) Al-Fatihah  1 x

2) Ayat Kursi 1 x

3) Surah Al-Insyirah 1 x

 3) Surah Toha Ayat 1-5 (biase saya bace surah ahad je sbb xhapal ayat2 ni :p pandai2 je tuka uhuk)

Lepas tu, cakap dgn anak kita tu..ape yg kte nak. cm saya, Hannah..jadi budak yg taat dgn perintah Allah n ibu n babah tau. Dengar cakap ehh. Pastu nnt belaja pandai2 tau. Nanti jadi doctor tau. Ble ubat kan ibu, babah, nenek, maktuk, atuk aji dgn atuk sume kalu sakit...Hannah minum susu dgn botol cukup2 tau bile ibu takde, tido pon kene cukup spy Hannah jadi sehat, kuat, pandai bla bla bla smpai saya pon tetido huhu kte baca sume ni mase baby tgh mamai2..Amalkan selalu, insyaAllah anak tu xkeras hati, (Hannah kn keras hati xmo minum susu dlm botol rituuu) Alhamdulillah Hannah da minum susu dgn botol..wpon xbanyak kan, still bersyukur sgt2 sbb berat tetap naik =)

N saya perasan, kalau malam2 Hannah nangis xmo tido tuh (sbb xpuas main)..bila babah slow talk dgn die, trus da xtendang2 da.. Lps tu, baik je baring n minum susu n trus tertido..Kalau xjenuh jgk nk tidokan..Asalkan baringkan je ngamuk nangis tendang2 bagai (mcm penah cite kt entry not-so-supermom psl perangai hannah kuat main skrg ni).. So mommies, xsalah kan mencuba. Hasilnya mungkin bila anak dah besar nnt..amalkan jelaa n Tawakkaltu A'lallah.. Selamat beramal~

lucky me..

I'm lucky because..
  •    instead of having a husband who is not good with children, mine is much better
  •    instead of having a husband who didn't help at the kitchen, mine cooks well then myself =)
  •    instead of having a husband who work/go outstation for months, mine only went for a week top
  •    instead of having a husband who is bad tempered, mine is soft spoken 
  •    instead of having a husband with a lot of money but 'kedekut', mine is definitely the opposite..
  •    instead of having a husband who didn't help with housekeeping, mine is very 'ringan tangan' although need to be asked repeatedly hihi
  •    instead of having a husband who care only for his family, mine care for both n very fair =D (balik uma mak gilir2 taw tiap2 mgg)
  •   instead of having a husband who wants to be treated like a king, mine treat me n my baby as queen n princess..
these makes me feel LUCKY...so, stop complaining every time he has to work overtime, ok!!

Keep in mind that...

  • I'm a wife to a busy husband...not a girlfriend to a unemployed boyfriend
  • I'm a mother to a daughter..not the youngest daughter in the house anymore
  • I'm the youngest daughter to Haji Ahmad and Hajjah Maimunah..but I'm not young in age :p
  • I'm an employee to a very good employer..not a student who can skip class whenever I feel like it
  • I'm a friend to a lot of good friends, not a silo living in a wood..

So, keep up with everything and live life to the fullest, Noraini Ahmad..
You can do it and feel lucky because there are so many who are not as lucky as you out there..
me, the lucky one =)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Happy Birthday Hubby ku sayang~
Happy Birthday Sissy ku cantek~

hannah tgk kek xkelip2 mate

Celebration julung2 kalinyaa dapat diadakan tepat pada hari lahir mereka..kalau tak selalunya meti kena postpone to other date sbb ade je yg xleh join...at last, thn ni dapat gak gather2 on the birth day. kami celebrate di Ayer's Rock at wangsa maju. makan xingat2...pasni wt food review lah. ok?

our BIG family =D

3 April 2011..

hubby saya umo 27 tahun

 kakak saya umo 32 tahun
(yee tau2 she look so young!)

nape mereka matching??

hubby kak wun- abg nasim
adam n adli yang dicintai

hubby n hannah yang diintan payung kan
abg sim dedicated lagu kt kak wun..romentik yuuu
suap2 plak kononnye nk romentik jugak

hannah da macam daaa. bepeloh2 huhu

Monday, April 4, 2011

not so SUPERmom

last week...
babah hannah bizi sgt keje..hari2 balek pukul 12-1 pagi. n pagi2 da kua pkl 730 pg. hari2 ibu duduk kt uma be2 je dgn hannah. hannah dapat tgk muke babah pagi2 je..tu pon de la sekali 2 kot yg babah sempat nk gi teman ibu anta hannah gi bbsitter. dapatla hannah tgk muka babah 2-3 minit mase nk pass baton kt umie hannah tuu..
sian hannah.
sian ibu jugak..

sepanjang mgg ibu tapau je mknn dinner..mmg tau kompem xsempat masak. hari2 smpai uma pukul 630, campak je sume brg (sll bwk 3 beg: beg breastpump, handbag n bag hannah) kt dpn.ltk hannah kt gym mat die..lari2 gi dapo simpan susu. tu pon kdg2 xsempat gi simpan susu terus sbb si tenit da nangis daa marah dibaringkan kt bawah hmmmm pehtu trus baring bf kn hannah..besenye hannah pura2 telelap.bile lpskan jee...trus tebuntang matenye dan merengek2 lagi. ibu pon trus kene lari2 amik wuduk n angkat hannah ltk kt tepi sejadah bersama mainan2nyee..ibu pon solat sambil2 jeling2 hannah yg dah mencampakkan menan ke tepi n merengek2 lagi..ibu solat laju2 trus angkat hannah

lps tu ibu pon men dgn hannah...lotih ibu nk men dgn awak.nk kne pegang aje..baringkan marah. nk duduk/diri..xpadan dgn tenit hannah ni.ibu nk susukan lagi..hannah xmo plak.hannah tau klu bf lagi die mesti tetido terus. so, ibu dudukkan jelah hannah bg hannah tgk tv.lg sebelah tgn ibu curi2 mkn mknn yg ditapau..bile penat, ibu ltk hannah kt bawah jap.bagi mainan yg boleh masok mulut (mcm nk kene beli puting kn??) patu ibu lari2 gi dapo basoh botol sume...dr dapo ibu da ble dgr hannah da merengek2 lagi..marah kene tinggal sorg2 : | ish2 macam2 tenit ibu nii

pastuh ibu pon da mule ngantok..hannah pon da ngantok tp xmo tido jgk..bg bf meti ngamok2 xmo minum.takot tetido la katekan..pukul 10, ibu bwk hannah masok bilik. ibu tinggalkan hannah kt katil ibu wuduk laju2..hannah merengek lagi.nk tencing pon kne laju2.klu xmmg kuat la jeritan hannah sbb kne tinggal lamee. pehtu ibu angkt hannah lagi ltk tepi sejadah, ibu solat...kdg2 time mood baik, hannah jg diri sndrik. tgk kipas bepusing, gigit2 mainan die..main sambut2 telekung patu tarik2 smpai telekung ibu senget2 time solat..tp bile mood xbaik...sepjg ibu solat tu dok merengek2 kdg2 kua air mate pdg je kt ibu mengharap soh angkat die cpt..ibu tau laa ibu sll jeling2 hannah :p tapi lg sekali..time ibu plg bole rilek is bile hannah trus tetido mase bf blk keje.mmg lena sungguh...angkat ltk kt tepi sejadah pon xsedo..sian die..

lps ibu solat br kejut.hihi ibu nak main dgn hannah laaa.rindu taw seharian gi keje
pastu cubaan utk menidorkan hannah pon bermula..lps solat isyak, baring dgn hannah. nk bf, hannah tendang2.ok, ibu bangun balik men2 dgn hannah. cubaan kali kedua baringkan lagi..trus hannah mule mengomel2 marah dibaringkan.pandang muke ibu xpuas ati jee..ibu pon mule mengomel blk kt hannah.ibu ngntok laa hannah.jomlaa tidooo...akhirnya da nk pukul 12 br hannah tido.begitula perangai si tenit ni sepjg mgg lps..oleh sbb hannah asik xmo bf time jaga (sbb takot tetido tuuu), so bile da tido..tiap2 jam bangun nak menyusu...alahai sayang ku hannah
muke ngantok tp nk men pye pasal..thn je mate tu
di akhirannya..ibu hannah pon jatuh sakit pd hari kamis lps.pagi mula dgn selsema..batok n sakit tekak mmg da lame da kena..sebulan da ni kot usianya. ditambah dgn selsema ptg tuh n sakit pale...sblm blk uma da siap2 mkn panadol tp cm da telmbt sikit..sore mula sengau2 n badan rase letih sgt2..mlm tu ajk hannah tdo awal.pukul 8 kot da masok bilik. hannah bf then hannah pon telelap rsenye...tibe2 hannah nangis kuat.upenye xpuas ati kne tido awal.maka, ibu dgn sakit pale n teramat xlarat bkk mate..tepaksa bgn jgk layan hannah.tp nk dukung mmg xlarat.ibu bia je hannah..sian hannah.msg babah hannah soh blk cpt sikit. bibir ibu plak da membengkak mase tu..gelgata plak menyerang.gelgata ni pon mmg prob jgk...asek serang je sekarang nii.tp agknye sbb demam, bibir bengkak sangat2 ritu : ( sedihnyeee..tgk hannah lagi sedih.merengek2 mintak dukung..ibu plak xlarat sgt2.. dlm pkl 10 cmtuh babah smpai uma n bwk ibu gi klinik..hannah good girl je bile bwk jln..diam je tgk lampu2 sume.geyam betul tenit niii...lps kne inject di untut, n dpt mc..ktorg pon blk. lps ibu mkn ubat, ibu pon trus ttdo..hannah men dgn babah kt lua..smpai 1130 jee pon.babah da letih jgkk.. seperti bese, pukul 12 br hannah tido (bedtime tetap hannah skrg..iskk)

see..da 11.15 pm.ddk dlm gelap.mate xlarat bkk.tp xmo tdo jgk! ish2
sok pg nye hantar hannah kt bbsitter..ibu ddk kt uma je.mkn ubat alergik + ubat gatal + ubat batuk + antibiotik + panadol..dan tido smpai tghari..keletihan sgt2 ok. bgn kemas2 uma n lipat bj yg belonggok xlipat seminggu tuu. then 530, gi amik hannah.mlm ni babah xbalek..so, ibu n hannah pon berhijrah ke uma mil kt pantai dlm..yg tu kne cite entry len plakkk.mencabarnyeeee minggu lpas..n termaktublah bahawa

I'm not a SUPERMOM.. 
: |

p/s: syabas kepada ibu2 yg belum jatuh sakit setelah ada baby..cne ye sy nk pastikan saya terus sihat supaya dapat take care of my baby full time lps ni..ade tips kaa? hurmm