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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Try this website to gain onfo bout ur baby growth
Sgt2 memberi info..n tiap2 mgg die akan anta emel ttg pekembangan baby
Now, my baby dah 34 weeks..dah ada info2 pasal nk labour

Ok...skrg bz2 beli baju baby then basuh.then masuk beg utk bwk gi spital
Rasenye mcm da nk sebulan kemas beg utk baby...xsiap2 lg huhu
Ade je bende yg lupe beli..dhla nk kua gi shopping pye la ssh..en hubby ku syg asek bz aje
time die xbz plak..sian nk ajk jalan2 sbb die penat setelah bz2 sebelum tuh hurmmmm
Nak kene ajak member teman kot..kecik ati tak en hubby nnt?

Selain beg baby..nk kene kemas beg ibu n baba juge. Beg ibu mcm kene lg besa dr beg bb semestinye.
Tp beg pon xde..bwk beg tarik aci x? tu je yg ade kt uma...
owhh nk kene kemas bes utk berkampung di uma mak mentua jgk niii
aduii byk nye nk kene kemas beg!!! bile nk siap cmni :-s mulala da rse cemas dan stress..errkkk

Blk kepada cerita website babycenter td...
Semalam klik2 mcm2 link kt website tu...then tejumpelaa list nih
list utk dibawa ke spital mase labour
pasni xdela huru hara sgt kot sbb da ade checklist ni

Packing your hospital bag? What to take...

For labour:

Your birth plan
Dressing gown
An old nightdress or T-shirt to wear in labour (if you don't want to wear the hospital gown)
Massage oils or lotions
Lip balm
Snacks and drinks or glucose tablets
Watch with a second hand to time contractions
Digital camera or camcorder (check with hospital first)
Relaxation materials: books, magazines etc
Pictures of someone or something you love (the inspiration you may need to see you through to the end)
TENS pain relief machine if you are planning to use one
Water spray to cool you down
Music to listen to 

 additional stuff yg kene bawak (atas nasihat kwn2):

  • disposable panties 

  • air selusoh + minyak selusoh

    pe lagi ehh? da lupe plakkkk!!

    kain batik kot

For your husband or birth partner:

Change of clothes

After the birth:

Going-home outfit
Breastfeeding bras
Breast pads
Maternity pads
Towels, hairbrush, toothbrush and toothpaste

Old knickers/cheap knickers/disposable knickers
Ear plugs (in case you end up on a noisy ward)
Arnica tablets (may help with bruising)

For your baby:

Infant car seat
One outfit for the trip home (all-in-one stretchy outfits are easiest)
Baby blanket
One pair of socks or booties
Muslin squares    

  • Toiletries baby
  • minyak + lotion
  • barut
  • kapas utk bersihkan tali pusat..in case kene tahan wad lame kan..harap2 dijauhkan dr prob2 during labour. I really hope to give labour normally...mintak jauh la ceaseraen. I want more than 3 kids! InsyaAllah...
Once you've got your hospital bag organised, remind yourself of the first signs of labour so you know when it's the real thing

hehehe bersediakah daku?? seramnyee nk tgg labour :p

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