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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How Time Fies

Hannah Is Almost 2 Years Young… How Time Flies

Last Year, 1 October 2011.. I Went For A 6 Month Course Where I Have To Leave Behind My Beloved 10 Months Baby. It Was A Painful Experience And My Heart Ache Every Time I Think About It.. Even Now, When I Look Again At Videos And Pictures Of Hannah During My Absence.. I Cried And Feel So Sad That I Was Not There With Her. I Missed Some Moments Of Her Growth. Or More Like 6 Months Growth Pye Progress La Kan.. I Hate To Remember The Memories During The 6 Months Course And I Am Glad I Get Through It And Still Can Continue To Breastfeed My Child.

Sadly, When Hannah Turn 18 Months.. She Got Herpes Simplex In Her Mouth That Has Been The Cause And The End Of My Breastfeeding Journey. Me Too Had Berjangkit With Her Herpes That Cause Me High Fever And Couldn’t Continue To Breastfeed Her. After The Incident, Hannah Has Stop Breastfeed. It Was So Sudden And Sometimes I Can’t Believe That All My Hardwork On Stocking Breast Milk During The 6 Months Course, Rain Or Shine, In The Jungle, By The Shore Ended When I’m At Home With Her. I Am Devastated And I Miss Breastfeeding So Much. I Want Her To Be In My Hugs Not Like Now..Sleeping So Far From Me N Sometime Hannah Even Kick Me To Be Afar From Me Hahaha Asek Nk Mengimpit Anak Je Kan…Panas la Ibuuu

So To Say… I Miss Breastfeeding :( 

And I Miss My Baby Hannah

Please Don’t Grow Too Fast Hannah… Ibu Still Want To Golek2 N Gomol2 U…

hannah @ 18 hours after born =)

* got this pic from a friend yg dtg melawat kt HPJ on 18/11/10. nasib die xbuang pic ni
 TQ Mas!


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