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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Spring Flower Festivals Signal the Change of Seasons
Spring announces its arrival in Korea with a blanket of yellow and white blossoms spreading throughout the country. Cherry blossoms, apricot flowers, and cornus fruit trees bloom from the beginning of March when the air is still chilly. From mid-March the warm season sees a host of festivals take place in Korea where visitors can stroll amidst the glorious blossoming flowers and see the country at its best. (source: visitkorea)

SPRING n KOREA...bestnyeeeeeee




 Kimchi is a fermented food. Typically, Chinese cabbage or white radish is salted and mixed with red chili peppers, garlic, ginger, salted fish, and other ingredients. Originating from fermented and salted vegetables that were prepared during the winter, kimchi played a crucial role in the Korean diet in a time when vegetables were not readily available. 
(pelik xkalau nk try rase bende ni??)

Fashion Items


The reason that there are so many optical stores in Namdaemun is that they deal with both wholesale and retail business. This, in turn, makes it possible for shops to offer a large selection of products at reasonable prices. In fact, eyeglasses purchased in the Namdaemun area are approximately 30% cheaper than those sold in other areas. 
(cambes tp cm xde duit extra haha)

Traditional Items


The beauty of hanbok can be witnessed in historical dramas and films portraying ancient Korea.  
(kuat tepengaruh dgn drama korea..tp hubby xapprove utk beli ni)



There are many reasons for the popularity of the Korean Wave. Korean soap operas are considered the embodiment of the filial piety, innocent love, and the virtue of humility, while Korean music is believed to be among the most sophisticated music being created in Asia today. 
(nak kasut tu je sbnrnye)

& last but not least ...


mari kite lihat ape yg dapat...
tp lg 2minggu kot br taw...iskk harap2 xkecewa :p

p/s: entry ini adalah sempena saya jeles hubby akan ke korea next week...nak ikotttttt! :(


  1. hahaha apetah lagi ko..hannah pon xdpt :(

  2. kau harus belikan luggage besar sikit..masuk jek dalam itu :)

  3. jeha..entry bilekah yg ko komen iniii?? haha


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