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Friday, April 15, 2011

lucky me..

I'm lucky because..
  •    instead of having a husband who is not good with children, mine is much better
  •    instead of having a husband who didn't help at the kitchen, mine cooks well then myself =)
  •    instead of having a husband who work/go outstation for months, mine only went for a week top
  •    instead of having a husband who is bad tempered, mine is soft spoken 
  •    instead of having a husband with a lot of money but 'kedekut', mine is definitely the opposite..
  •    instead of having a husband who didn't help with housekeeping, mine is very 'ringan tangan' although need to be asked repeatedly hihi
  •    instead of having a husband who care only for his family, mine care for both n very fair =D (balik uma mak gilir2 taw tiap2 mgg)
  •   instead of having a husband who wants to be treated like a king, mine treat me n my baby as queen n princess..
these makes me feel LUCKY...so, stop complaining every time he has to work overtime, ok!!

Keep in mind that...

  • I'm a wife to a busy husband...not a girlfriend to a unemployed boyfriend
  • I'm a mother to a daughter..not the youngest daughter in the house anymore
  • I'm the youngest daughter to Haji Ahmad and Hajjah Maimunah..but I'm not young in age :p
  • I'm an employee to a very good employer..not a student who can skip class whenever I feel like it
  • I'm a friend to a lot of good friends, not a silo living in a wood..

So, keep up with everything and live life to the fullest, Noraini Ahmad..
You can do it and feel lucky because there are so many who are not as lucky as you out there..
me, the lucky one =)


  1. good one! always look on the bright side! :)))

  2. itula..tgh berusaha utk positive sll.motivasi diri nii ;D

  3. good.. be positive.. awatnye inner tu senget ibu? hannah tarik ke?

  4. hahaha perasan plak inner senget..ptt nk masok pic yg nmpk sblh side je..tesalah masok plak huuu

  5. positive thinking.i like! ;)
    bila fikir kehidupan org lain yg lagi teruk rasa insaf dan terus appreciate kehidupan kita kan..

  6. tulaa..bile dgr cite psl org lain lg teruk, rse insaf jeh.tp kang telupe balek..merajuk2 lagi huhu


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